School of professional Skipper of Charter

Our employers are perfectly trained, and take continuous refresher courses.

Planning of navigation.

General review of the boat.



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Labor facilities.

Management and legal training support.

New work system.

To be able to enjoy what we are most passionate about; the sea.

Control over what we work, according to our needs.


Kit recomendado patrones

  • Cable música aux teléfono, cargador usb 2 salidas
  • Equipo de pesca, 1 mascara, aletas.
  • Kit alimento supervivencia: noodels, pates, conservas, azúcar, te…,
  • Aseo: champu, desodorante, uniforme (polo azul o blanco y bermudas beis), toalla, bañador, chanclas, zapatillas barco, gorra.
  • Altavoz, bolsa impermeable, cartas naipes, velas para decorar por la noche
  • Planificación de la navegación.

  • Revisión general de la embarcacion.

  • Breafing

  • Maniobras

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